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Nancy Kreiner
Spring Grove, Pa.

"My experience with Zonix Biofungicide™ has been nothing but wonderful! To my great dismay during a particularly damp and wet spring --and into summer, my 4 year old Mars grapevines developed a fungus. After research on the internet I diagnosed my grapes as having - black rot. I called my local Extension service and explained what was happening they confirmed by diagnosis of Black Rot. 

This fungus was just destroying my grapes as it raced through my grapevine at what seemed like lightening speed! One day the grapes had black spots and then a day later they would be shriveled and mummified. My extension service told me to cut the affected grapes off the vine immediately along with any leaves. It was heartbreaking throwing clusters of beautifully formed grapes into the bag to discarded. But cut I did, until my vine looked naked and bare. I was told by the Extension service that the only thing I could do was spray my grapes every 5-7 days with non organic chemicals and a non organic antifungal which would take care of the grapes and get rid of the rot. But I am a committed Organic Grower. I simply could not bring myself to spray all this stuff all over my grapes, and then eat them! 

 I looked for other "organic" products and just couldn't find any that would help my grapes --that worked. I began to think that the only way to correct the problem was to dig the vines up and start over. Until the day I was reading a gardening magazine in the dead of winter and saw an advertisement for Zonix Biofungicide™; which advertised that it would get rid of Black Rot and do so organically. Well, that changed everything! 

I ordered the smallest bottle they sold in February 2014 and when Spring came around, I started out to rescue my Grapes. I followed the instructions and was faithful with the spraying and by the time September rolled around I had beautiful grapes and most importantly--no black rot!  

I made jars and jars of grape juice from my grapes and it was all because of Zonix Biofungicide™! I simply couldn't recommend this product any more sincerely, because simply put---it's Organically approved and it works!!"