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General Product Overview

ZONIX™ Biofungicide is for the prevention and control of plant pathogenic fungi on horticultural and agricultural crops. Zoosporic fungal diseases are often spread by zoospores that are transported from one plant to another and from field to field.
ZONIX™ Biofungicide kills zoospores that cause fungal disease, on contact.

Use ZONIX™ Biofungicide on the foliage, fruit and roots of agricultural commodities and horticultural crops!

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Features and Benefits

Kills on contact

Zero pre-harvest interval

Exempt from EPA tolerance limits for food

4-Hour reentry

Efficacy on resistant pathogen strains

Very low phytotoxicity

OMRI Listed

Does not contain Copper

Does not contain any live organisms

Mode of Action

The active ingredient, Rhamnolipids are a natural compound that exists within the plant biome. Rhamnolipids have strong biosurfactant properties. When a zoospore comes in contact with a Rhamnolipid, the zoospores' cell membrane explodes ending the pathogens life cycle. This physical mode of action will not contribute to, or cause the development of resistant pathogen strains.

Disease Cause 

Zoosporic fungal diseases such as Phytopthora, Downy Mildew and Pythium are aggressive pathogens that account for two-thirds of all crop loss due to disease.

These diseases are spread by air currents, rain, irrigation water and the transfer of infected plant and soil materials.  Research has also shown that the Zoospores can overwinter.  

The Zoospores present on the plant surface or in the growing medium or soil begin to swim in the presence of water and proper temperature range 18-22C (64-72F). Each zoospore is capable of causing infection; which is why the pathogens are so destructive and are able to destroy crops overnight and entire fields within days or weeks.

Prevention is the Best Defense  Against Disease

Suggested Best Practices - Contact Biofungicides

Pre-planting preparation should include the removal of all organic material left over from prior growing season/cycle. Zonix BiofungicideTM should be applied to the soil or growing medium prior to planting to kill any zoospores that may be present.

Apply Zonix BiofungicideTM weekly (7-10 days) and after periods of heavy rain, dew or irrigation. Complete coverage of all foliar and fruit surfaces will yield the best results.  If applying via spray, we recommend use of nozzle equipment that will deliver a 300 micro droplet size.

Spray to glisten rather than to run-off.

Optimal coverage tests conducted by USDA at Wooster, Ohio using Zonix BiofungicideTM confirm that 35 gallons of solution at labeled dilution rates, using a 300 micron droplet nozzle will cover 1 acre of leaf wall area.

Improves Operational Economics

General Rates & Application Methods

Informational data only - refer to product master label for approved rates and application methods. Zonix BiofungicideTM