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Zonix Approved Food Crop List

Vegetables, Herbs & Berries

Vegetables, Herbs & Berries (contd.)

Fruits & Nuts

Row Crops

Asparagus Oregano Almonds Alfalfa
Beans Parsley Apples Barley
Beets Peppers Apricots Canola
Berry Plantings Potatoes Cherries Fiber Crops
Cabbage Radishes Fruit Trees Legumes
Cantaloupes Raspberries Grapefruit Lentils
Carrots Root Crop Vegetables Grapes Millet
Celery Root Crops (bulbs) Guava Oats
Chive Root Crops (tubers) Kiwi Oil Crops
Collards Sage Lemons Peas
Cucumbers Spinach Macadamia Nuts Rice
Cucurbits Squash Mangos Rye
Eggplant Squash (zucchini) Nectarines Sorghum
Fruiting Vegetables Strawberries Nut Trees Soybeans
Garlic Sugar Beets Oranges Sudangrass
Ginger Sweet Potatoes Papayas Wheat
Gooseberries Thyme Passion Fruit
Hackberry Tomatoes Peaches
Herbs Watermelon Peanuts
Hops Yams Pecans
Laurel Pineapple
Leafy Vegetables Pistachio Nuts
Legumes Plantain
Lettuce Plums
Melons Tropical Fruit
Mint Vine Fruits
Onions Walnuts

Zonix Biofungicide Crop Listing

Informational list of agricultural commodity, vegetables, herbs, berries, friuts and nuts. 

Please refer to Zonix Biofungicide master label for approved  crop and application methods and rates