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Zonix Biofungicide™

Kills Phytopthora, Downy Mildew and Pythium on Contact

General Information:

ZONIX™ Biofungicide is for the prevention and control of plant pathogenic fungi on horticultural and agricultural crops. Zoosporic fungal diseases are often spread by zoospores that are transported from one plant to another and from field to field.
ZONIX™ Biofungicide kills zoospores that cause fungal disease, on contact. 

Use ZONIX™ Biofungicide on the foliage, fruit and roots of agricultural commodities and horticultural crops, Please view our Crop List page for an informational list of approved crops.

Features and Benefits:

Kills on contact

Zero pre-harvest interval

Exempt from EPA tolerance limits for food

4-Hour reentry

Efficacy on resistant pathogen strains

Very low phytotoxicity

OMRI Listed

Does not contain Copper 

Does not contain any live organisms

Mode of Action:

The active ingredient, Rhamnolipids are a natural compound that exists within the plant biome. Rhamnolipids have strong biosurfactant properties.  When a zoospore comes in contact with a Rhamnolipid, the zoospores' cell membrane explodes ending the pathogens life cycle.  This physical mode of action will not contribute to, or cause the development of resistant pathogen strains.